The 2020 workshop on Gender issues in higher learning institutions in Tanzania is to be held on 20th November 2020 at the Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Working Towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5

“Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls”: Progress and Challenges


8.00 – 15.30


Venue: Administration Building, Board Room

08:00 – 8:30 Arrival & Registration

08:30- 08:40 Background to the workshop
08:40- 08:50 Remarks from the British Council Representative Country Director
08:50- 08:55 A word from the DPA
08:55- 09:10 Opening Remarks
09:10- 09:25 Open Session on Current Practices on Gender in Higher Learning Institutions
09:25- 09:55 Group photo
09:55- 10:30 HEALTH BREAK ALL



Session A. Gender and Leadership, economics, Leadership and Development


1. Sarah Samson Mbogela & Blackson Kanukisya – Female Teachers’ Participation In Educational Leadership In Secondary Schools In Ubungo Municipality, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

2. Elizabeth Lulu Genda – Female Access to and Control Over resources in Tanzania: A Case of Maasai women in Bagamoyo District

3. Dr. Nancy Njiraini & Dr. Amina N. Kamando – Reducing Gender Inequalities in Kenya and Tanzania

4. Winnrose Elifuraha Mmari & Dr. Isaac Kazungu – Moderating Role Of Income Levels On The Relationship Between Gender Differences And Consumer Purchase Decision: The Perspectives In Shopping Malls, Dar Es Salaam-Tanzania

5. Dr. Cecilia Swai & Dr. Ikupa Moses – Undergraduate Female Leaders in Higher Education: Leadership Identity and Development

6. Magashi Joseph and Asela Miho – Trends and causes of socioeconomic inequality in teenage pregnancy and childbearing in Tanzania

7. Dr. Faraja J.Mwendamseke & Dr. Luinasia E. Kombe – Tofauti za Kijinsia Katika Kujifunza Kiswahili Kama Lugha ya Pili

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. Pendo Mwashota
DISCUSSANT: Dr. Perpetua Urio (DUCE)
Venue: Teacher Professional Centre (TPC) 209

Session B. Gender and Science, Technology, ICT and Education


1. Dr. Nyanjiga Rukondo & Dr. Mjege Kinyota – How do femininity and masculinity traits relate to selected aspects of undergraduates’ participation and performance in STEM in Tanzania? A gender perspective

2. Fatmah Mirambo & George Matto – Female Enrollments in ICT Programmes in Tanzanian Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs): Trends and affecting Factors

3. Dr. Rehema Japhet Mwakabenga & Prof. Sotco Claudius Komba – Gender Inequalities in Pedagogical Classroom Practice: What Influence do teachers make?

4. Dr. Joseph Manase – Female Participation in Open and Distance Learning in Higher Education: Perspective on Extent, Perils and Opportunities

5. Prof. Shani Omari Mchepange – Masuala ya Jinsia katika Misemo ya Kwenya Daladala na Dhima zake Kiutamaduni

6. Dr. Mary Zacharia Charwi – Matumizi ya Methali katika Kujenga Mitazamo kwa Wanawake katika Jamii nchini Tanzania

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. Loveluck Philip
DISCUSSANT: Dr. Innocent Buberwa
Venue: Teacher Professional Centre (TPC) 101

Session C. Gender Based Violence and Gender Roles

1. Dr. Chris Mungubariki Mauki & Daniel Marandu – Exploring the Nature and patterns of Gender-Based Violence practices experienced by Secondary Schools Girls

2. Dr. Betty David Mntambo – The impact of care work on female vegetable production in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

3. Dr. Audax B.Kweyamba – Anti-Gender Based Violence Crusade in Tanzania’s Higher Learning Institutions: In Defence of the Gender Transformative Approach at the University of Dar es Salaam

4. Nabwera Rashid, Dr. Anathe R. Kimaro & Dr. Ahadi Anania – Influence of Parents’ Gender Roles and Gender Perception on their Children’s Gender Stereotypes in Tanzania

5. Ethel Rose Mabula – Factors Impeding Women From Reporting Domestic Violence Cases In Tanzania

6. Prof. J. S. Madumulla & Dr. Rose J. Mbijima – Mimi Ni Mtoto Wa Baba Au Mama?Tatizo la Mfumo Dume katika Jamii

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. Deodatus P. Shayo

DISCUSSANT: Dr. Ikupa Moses
Venue: Teacher Professional Centre 211

Session D. Gender and Parenting, Teenage Pregnancy, Child marriage & FGM


1. Tatu M. Nyange & Sixbert S. Amsi – Silence Manifestation Towards Sextortion Robust in Education Institution: Reflection on Tanzania Perspective.

2. Sarah. E. Mwakyambiki – Law Of Marriage Act Of 1971 As A Vehicle For Gender Inequality: A Girl Child Marriage In Tanzania

3. Justin Lusasi& Dismas Mwaseba – Gender inequality, symbolic violence and women’s access to family land in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania

4. Dr. Irene Mwakilema & Dr. Sheila Mziray – Examining The Legal And Practical Protection Of Married Women Property Rights And Its Sustainability On Intestate Death Of Their Spouses In Tanzania

5. Dr. Milka Otieno, Dr. Elizabeth Msoka & Dr. Sheila Mziray – Towards Reducing GBV within Higher Learning Institutions: The Case of St John’s University of Tanzania

6. Dr. Irene Mwakilema & Dr. Sheila Mziray – The Effects Of Women Empowerment Initiatives On Gender Parenting Roles

7. Edna Kyaruzi & Dr. Mabula Nkuba – Is it Really their Own Faulty? Reflection from the Out of School Girls’ Experience before their Dropout in Tanzania

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. Maregesi Machumu
DISCUSSANT: Dr. Neema Mogha (DUCE)
Venue: Teacher Professional Centre (TPC) 106

13:00 – 14:00 HEALTH BREAK All
14:30 – 15:20 CONCLUSION AND WAY FORWARD Secretariat
15:20 – 15:30 CLOSING – Vote of Thanks Deputy Principal -Administration(DUCE)

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