The GATE Project aims to train a new generation of experts (PhD and Post Doc levels) in Gender and Education at DUCE thus building research and teaching capacities. Specifically:

  • Train 1 PhD through a TCD-DUCE co-supervision joint structure, who will be based at DUCE on the following: Participatory action research project mapping and evaluating the methods and methodology of the GATE project (with the Irish experience as a comparative site).
  • Train 1 PostDoc (from, and based in, the DUCE Gender Unit): Gender evaluation of teaching practices; gender empowerment analysis of second level curriculum in Tanzania, to inform in the development and deployment of broad-based curriculum education module for undergraduate students at DUCE (examining both pedagogic practices).

In order to build general gender awareness and sensitivity across all teaching practices various training workshops will be held for DUCE staff and students. So far, training workshops have been held under the following topics:  

  1. Introduction to Gender Based Research and Quantitative Approach
  2. Introduction to Gender Based Analysis