Dr. Rosemarie Mwaipopo holds a PhD in Social Anthropology, and is a member of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Dar es Salaam. She currently teaches courses in Gender and Culture; Social Diversity, Equity, Gender and Public Policy; and, Family and Gender Relations. Her major research areas are on Gender and Women’s issues; Agency, equality, poverty and vulnerability; and, People/Communities and Natural Resource Use and Management. Some of the assignments that she has been involved in include:

  1. Mapping of GBV response facilities in Iringa region – 2019;
  2.  Masculinities and School-girl pregnancies -2018-19;
  3.  Development of the Tanzania Country Gender Profile – 2015;
  4.  Situational analysis of Women and Artisanal and Small-scale Mining in Tanzania- 2015
  5. Health-seeking behaviour of women and the role of traditional birth attendants in Tanzania- 2013;
  6.  Evaluation of the We Can End Gender-based Violence campaign in Tanzania – OxFAM, 2013);
  7. Evaluation of the Mama Mkubwa Initiative for care and support of Most Vulnerable Children in Makete District, Tanzania -2006; and,
  8.  the Tanzania Participatory Poverty Assessment -2004. Her publications are in the subjects of Women and Gender issues; Women’s rights, empowerment and agency, Poverty and development; Communities and natural resource management and use.