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Friday, the 15th of October 2021, marked the date for our third and final Expert Advisory Board (EAB) meeting. EAB meetings have become an integral part of the GATE project, providing us with a platform for sharing each and every step of our exciting journey.

For the past three years, EAB meetings were something that we looked forward to as a team. Initially established to “provide expert advice to the GATE project leadership and implementation team on all aspects of the project”, the EAB ended up becoming much more than that. EAB meetings have provided us with a space to reflect upon what we have managed to achieve and with an opportunity to gather external insights on how we are moving forward…


Initial I was anxious and thought it was a complicated design and ideas. I wondered how it would meet its targets. I wondered if it was manageable in 3 years. The project has succeeded

Mary Crewe, 2021

It is impressive how the project kept going, stayed connected and reached its goals despite the challenges caused by COVID-19

Mary Crewe 2021

I would like to congratulate the team for the papers, these are remarkable achievement in the current circumstances, but it is also clear evidence of the impact of the work that is going on

Dr. Ann Looney 2020

“The intellectual exchange between Trinity and DUCE was excellent, frequent, and useful”  

Dr. Rosemarie Mwaipopo 2021

The project has designed a specific strategic plan for the Centre of Excellence that will become a reality when implemented

Prof. Penina Mlama


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the EAB members; Dr Anne Looney, Prof. Penina Mlama, Dr Rosemarie Mwaipopo, Mary Crewe, and Gerald Mweli for serving on the project for the past 3 years. your valuable insights and expertise were constructive in assisting us achieving the highest scientific standards in gender-based training and research. We are forever grateful for your advice and support. We are also thankful for the solid relationships we developed that will last a lifetime.

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