Gender Responsive Pedagogy for Staff at DUCE


Gender-responsive pedagogy (GRP) refers to teaching and learning processes that pay attention to the specific learning needs of girls and boys. Gender-responsive pedagogy calls for instructors to take all-encompassing gender approach in the processes of lesson planning, teaching, classroom management and performance evaluation.

To equip its staff and students with the necessary knowledge and skills, the GATE Project through its team at the Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) organised and hosted a 2 – day workshop for two groups on Gender Responsive Pedagogy.)

The workshop provided training for instructors and other educationists at DUCE equipping staff to be teachers with skills and the required understanding of gender, in order to respond to the needs of boys and girls, men and women in their respective institutions.

Organised based on the understanding that:

  • The quality of teaching across all levels of education has a significant impact on the academic access, retention, and performance of girls and boys learners.
  • The international frameworks and strategies, gender equality in education imply both a human rights and development perspective therefore quality education for all is a basic human right and integral to achieving all dimensions of inclusive and sustainable development, and that
  • Education enables girls and boys, women and men to participate equally in social, economic, and political life and are foundational for democratic societies,

The team hosted a total of 75 Participants: 38 Females and 37 Male from three faculties (Humanities, Education, and Science), 6 heads of selected major departments that provide direct support to teaching and learning.

The workshop participants were exposed to a set of 9 major GRP intervention pillars aimed at transforming the way teachers and administrators deliver lessons and manage the college environment.  Within four (2 for each group) days of training, participants were able to tackle the following main interventions collectively entitled the Gender Responsive Pedagogy intervention package.

A significant outcome of this training was the call for more workshops to be arranged to further improve the knowledge gained and to possibly provide similar knowledge to students. Others suggested that the integration of GRP should start from Primary education and be included in all university curriculum, pointing out to the need for college staff and students to be made aware of relevant and existing college policies for example the anti-sexual harassment policy and codes of conduct.

Fig. 1: From left Dr. Perpeua John Urio the GATE PI, Prof. Amani Lusekelo, Ms Ester Mlya, On the far behind is Dr.Abel Kinyondo, Dr. Julius Mungumi, Dr. Rose Mbijima, and others.

Fig. 2: From Left Dr. Consolata Chua (GUC), Dr.Faraja Mwendamseke, and Dr. John Kihamba


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