Immanuel is currently Coordinator of the GATE Project, based at Trinity College Dublin. He actively assists with current on-going research by the GATE Team.

Immanuel completed his PhD at Trinity College Dublin. He founded the Humanitarian Innovation Academy at Trinity College, Dublin, during his PhD studies The Academy piloted a a skills training and educational programme with the support of IrishAid on Creative Thinking & Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership with students from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He holds PG degrees in Creative Thinking & Innovation (Trinity College), and Architecture and Urban Planning from the TU Dortmund, Germany.

Having worked in industry, Immanuel has extensive experience in programme design, implementation, coordination and management; knowledge management; and stakeholder engagement with multiple stakeholders in both the global North and South. Immanuel is passionate about both international development and higher education and leverages his experience in these areas as well as from industry, to enable international projects targeted at the global south, achieve their objectives.